Tsavorite is green grossular garnet.  It is one of the more valuable garnets and is becoming increasingly popular.  Tsavorite is characterized by its brilliant bright green color.

The Most Valuable Tsavorite

The most valuable tsavorites are large (over 4 carats), perfeclt clear and perfectly cut.  Most importantly, they have a rich, intense bright green color.  Color is the most important determiner of value in a tsavorite.

Low Value: These tsavorite beads have very poor clarity.  We can barely see through them – there are so many large inclusions.  For this reason they were not faceted but instead made into beads.  Tsavorite of this low quality is not very valueble Medium Value: Here is a nice, clean tsavorite gemstone.  There are very few inclusions.  The cut is also OK.  The main reason why this gemstone is not very valueble is its weak color.  Tsavorite is prized for its brilliant green color and this one is too pale.A gem like this would be worht less than a hundred dollars. High Value:  Here we have a very nice, clear, well cut bright green tsavorite.  It is about 3 carats.  Such a gemstone could be worth a few thousand dollars. Highest Value:  This is a huge tsavorite (over 10 carats) with a deep intense green color, decent clarity and decent cut.  It’s color and size make it an exceptionally valuable and rare gemstone.