Tourmaline Cut


The cut of the tourmaline is important in determining its value.  While it is less crucial an color and clarity, a good cut can make a nice tourmaline gemstone into a world class tourmaline gemstone.  The quality of the cut also affects the tourmaline’s beauty: it sparkles more when it is well cut.

Bad Cut: You can tell this tourmaline is poorly cut because of the space in the middle where we can see right through it.  A well cut tourmaline will reflect light from all facets.  It is also sloppy and uneven. Poor Cut: This tourmaline is cut much better than the previous one, but it still doesn’t give the maximum sparkle.  The angle of the pavillion is too shallow. Excellent Cut:  Here is an emerald cut bi-color tourmaline.  It’s cut is excellent.  Light is reflected from all facets.  All facets are even and symmetical. Excellent Cut:  This is another example of a perfect cut. With tourmalineas with all gemstones, it doesn’t matter what the SHAPE of the cut is, it matters how well it’s done: even, symmetrical, and most importantly, the right angle to refect light.