Tourmaline Color

Different kinds of Tourmaline

Because tourmaline comes in almost every color, some of the colors of tourmaline have their own names.  Some colors of tourmaline are rarer than others, and therefore are more expensive.

Colorless (or white) tourmaline: White tourmaline is not rare or expensive, but it is unusual to find in jewelry.  If you can find it, a quality average size piece can cost less than $100. Black Tourmaline: Black tourmaline is not rare and is characteristically highly included.  This makes it look opaque instead of transparent.  It is not expensive, but it is also hard to find in jewelry. Green Tourmaline: Green tourmaline doesn’t have its own name.  It is one of the most common Rubelite:  Pink tourmaline is called rubelite and it is among the more valuable kinds of tourmaline.

Chrome Tourmaline:  Chrome tourmaline is a special, rich color of green that is caused by the presence of chromium.  It is one of the more expensive kinds of tourmaline

Indicolite:  Indicolite is blue tourmaline.  It is one of the rarest kinds of tourmaline and large, high quality pieces can cost thousands of dollars.

Bi-color Tourmaline:  Bi-color tourmaline describes tourmaline with two colors in one stone.  These can be very valuable depending on the intensity of the colors in them. Paraiba Tourmaline: Paraiba tourmaline is an intense, almost electric teal color of tourmaline that is characterized by the presence of copper.  Paraiba tourmalines are very popular at the moment and fine pieces can cost thousands per carat.