Bi-Color Tourmaline

Bi-Color and Watermelon Tourmaline

Tourmaline is a gemstone that sometimes contains more than one color.  These are relatively rare, and when the gem is high quality, it can be very valuable.  These tourmaline gemstones are special because they are so unique. Watermelon tourmaline is a particular pattern of colors that is red in the center and green around the rim.

Low Value: This tourmaline cabochon has pink shades and green shades inside it.  It has very poor clarity and the colors are weak and dull.  A tourmaline like this might be worth around $20. Average Value: This tourmaline has been “sliced” and polished.  This is a common way to cut watermelon tourmalines that are wide but not deep and not very clear. The value of these watermelon tourmaline depends mostly on the saturation of the colors: strong reddish pink and deep bright green are the best. High Value:  Here is a bi-color tourmaline with good clarity and a good cut. It is also a large size (3 carats).  A tourmaline like this can cost up to $1000.  It would be worth more if the colors were stronger. Highest Value:  Here is a bi-color tourmaline with good clarity and strongly concentrated colors.  It’s cut is a little disproportioned but it is still very valuable.