Topaz Size

How Size Affects the Value of Topaz

Very large, clear, high quality peices of topaz are relatively very available.  This means that large gemstones (over 10 carats) can be very affordable.  It also means that very small peices of topaz (under 1 ct) hardly have any value at all.

The value of topaz is not affected really by slight varifications in size.  A 12 carat topaz is not that much more expensive than a 10 carat.  General size makes a significant difference in the price of topaz, but stones within 2 or 3 carats of each other will mainly be valued differently because of their color and cut.

Low Value: These topaz (about 1/2 carat each) are very small.  Large topaz is not relatively rare, so small peices like this are very low in value.  You could be this ring (silver) for less than $20. MediumValue: This is the size of topaz ( a few carats) that is most common to find.  Topaz of this size (depending on color) is readily available for less than $100. High Value:  This is a large topaz (over 10 carats).  Even this size of topaz is not extrememely rare (though rare than the previous sizes).  This topaz could cost between $100 and $300. Highest Value:  A very large topaz: it weighs over 20 carats.  However, it is not impossible at all to find even larger peices, sometimes up to a hundred carats.  At these large sizes, color, cut and clarity matter more than carats.  High quality stones of this size can cost in the low thousands.