Topaz Cut

How cut affects the quality of topaz
A well cut topaz will reflect the maximum amount of light and sparkle magnificently.  Poorly cut topaz will will have dull areas inside the stone or allow its admirer to see through it completely.  Because of the large quantities of fine topaz gemstones, there really is no reason for buying a poorly cut topaz.  Here is what to look for:

weak color topaz

topaz with weak color and fancy cut

brown topaz with a nice cut

blue topaz with a nice color and fancy cut

Poor Cut: This topaz is poorly cut.  The bottom facets do not reflect light, but instead allow us to see straight through it. Strange Cut: This topaz is cut in an original way which adds interest and value.  However, this particular cut does not seem to maximize sparkle.  Rather, it looks watery.  A cut like this should be bought for its uniqueness and not for its excellence. Perfect Cut:  This is a perfectly cut topaz.  It maximizes sparkle and there is no light leakage.  Cuts like this are not as hard to find in topaz as they are in other stones.  However, a good cut adds to the value of a topaz. Fancy Cut:  Since so many large clear peices of topaz are available, it is not so crucial to “save every carat” during cutting.  therefore, interesting, fancy cuts are farily available.  When well done, they can significantly increase the gemstone’s value.