Topaz has been an important and precious stone to ancient people of many cultures.  It is a stone of individual creativity, instilling confidence and stimulation in its wearer.  It is very useful in utilizing the law of attraction: since it augments individual creative energy, it is useful in helping one’s intentions manifest.

Topaz Folklore and Legends

Talismans worn in medieval europe made of topaz were beleived to prevent bad dreams, and encourage modest, faithful behaviour. There is a legend that Lady Hildegarde of Holland presented a large topaz as a gift to her home town monastary which glowed at night so brightly that the monks could read by it. Both the ancient Egyptians and the Romans associated topaz with their Sun Gods (before treatments became widespread, most gem topaz was a shade of yellow).  To the ancient Greeks, topaz gemstones endowed people with strength.  In India, it was beleived that wearing a topaz above the heart facilitated intelligence, beauty and long life.

Healing Properties of Topaz

It has been used to balance the energy in the body, restore lost sense of taste and heal wounds on the skin. In ancient times, topaz was beleived to restore eyesight.