Topaz has been an important gem for thousands of years.  There are references to topaz in ancient texts from various cultures.One of the characteristics of topaz that makes it desirable as a gemstone is that it is relatively hard or resistant to scratches.  It is however, brittle and if not set properly can split  if  hit in a certain way..  Topaz comes in a variety of colors: blue, yellow, brown, pink and colorless, with blue being the most widely known and commonly used in jewelry.

6 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Topaz

  1. Color: Topaz comes in a range of colors.  The color affects the value of the topaz stone, both in how rare the color is and how intense and attractive the color is. See some pictures and learn more about How COLOR affects the value of a topaz
  2. Cut: The value of a topaz gemstone is affected by how well it is cut.  A perfect cut means that the topaz gives the maximum amount of sparkle.  The quality of the cut can make a huge difference in the price of the topaz.  Look at pictures and learn more about How the CUT affects the value of  a topaz
  3. Clarity: Most faceted topaz gemstones that are used in jewelry have pretty good clarity.  A topaz with poor clarity will look cloudy and will be worth considerably less.  Learn more about How CLARITY affects the value of  a topaz
  4. Size:  Topaz is often available in large sizes (over 10 carats).  Size does affect the value of a topaz gemstone, but not as much as the other quality indicators.  See how different topaz sizes compare and How SIZE affects the value of  a topaz
  5. Treatments and Fakes: A very large determiner of the value of a topaz is whether and how it has been treated.  There is increasing debate and controversy.  Topaz with certain treatments have even been banned by governments for being unsafe.  It is important to understand topaz treatments, as well as possible imitations before buying one.  Learn more about Topaz treatments and fakes
  6. Meaning and Symbology: Citrine embodies powerful symbolism and healing energetic properties. Learn more about Topaz meaning and symbology to see if it’s something you relate to.

The Most Valuable Topaz
The most valuable topaz is an intense natural pink color, very large (over 15 carats), perfectly clear (free of inclusions), and perfectly cut.

small blue topaz cabochon

typical blue topaz

small blue topaz with excellent color

topaz from a Christies Auction

Low Value: The topaz in this ring is small, of poor clarity and unremarkable color. This topaz is worth less than $20. Average Value: The clarity of this topaz is better than the previous one.  It is more valuable as well because it is faceted.  However, the clarity is still not perfect and the color is weak. High Value:  This topaz has an intense, beautiful color, perfect clarity and very good interesting cut.  It is also very large (over 20 carats).  A topaz like this can cost around $1000. Highest Value:  This topaz pendant auctioned at Christies for $17,000. It is valuable mostly because of its rare pink color.  It also has perfect clarity and cut.  It weighs around 20 carats.