Tanzanite Size

How the Size of Tanzanite Affects its Value

The bigger the tanzanite gemstone, the more valuable it is.  Since large gemstones over 3 carats are exceptionally rare, this adds even more to the price.  However, even gemstones less than 1 carat with excellent color and clarity will be worth a lot.  In choosing your tanzanite gemstone, you’ll want to choose first on color and clarity, then look for large size afterward.

Small: This tanzanite is of good color and clarity but it is quite small (about 1/3 carat).  A gemstone like this does have value, but such small stones are not all that rare.  A gem this size (without the ring) would be worth under $100. Large:  This tanzanite gemstone is about 3 carats.  This is a very large size for tanzanite.  It would be worth a few thousand dollars. Very Large:  This tanzanite is over 10 carats.  Tanzanites of this size and quality are very rare.  A stone like this could cost $35,000.