Tanzanite Color

How Color Affects the Value of Tanzanite

The color of the tanzanite gemstone is the most important factor that determines its value.  The most valuable color of tanzanite is bright blue to violet.  Less valuable colors include greenish hues, dull blue and grey. The strongest factor in the desirability of a tanzanite’s color is it’s intensity.

How the Intensity of the color affects the value of tanzanite

Too Pale: This tanzanite gemstone is nearly colorless.  Since color is the most important factor in tanzanite, this gem is worth very little, despite the fact that it is quite large. Pale: This tanzanite is very well cut and has very good clarity.  However, its pale color keeps it from achieving very high value. Dark:  This tanzanite has a very intense color.  Unfortunately, it is also a little too dark.  It is not striking or vibrant. Intense:  The colors of this tanzanite are the most valuable.  They are strong, intense and bright.

How the hue and overtones affect the value of tanzanite.

Grey: This tanzanite gemstone is blue with grey pleochroism.  This is the least desirable color for tanzanite. Blue: This tanzanite is mostly blue with little pleochroism.  Tanzanites like this are always more valuable than grey stones but less valuable than those with violet hues. Green:  Some tanzanites (very few) come in shades of green.  They very in price according to the tastes of the collector or jeweler selling them. Purple:  This is the most desired color of tanzanite: blue with purple hues.