Tanzanite Clarity

How Clarity of Tanzanite Affects its Value

Tanzanite gems that are perfectly clear are ideal.  However, if you are choosing between a perfeclty clear pale colored tanzanite and a brilliantly colored tanzanite with a few slight inclusions, you should choose the second one.  The value of tanzanite will not be diminshed too much  by less than perfect clarity.  However, the value will go down significantly if there are very prominent large inclusions, if the stone looks at all opaque, or if poor clarity interupts the sparkle and color.

Terrible Clarity: This tanzanite is so full of inclusions, that we cannot see into the gemstone.  It is almost opaque.  For this reason, there is very little sparkle. Very Bad Clarity: Here we can see into the stone somewhat, but the inclusions are still the dominant feature of the stone.  This tanzanite gemstone is not very valuable (because of the poor clarity and weak color. Poor Clarity:  This gemstone has slightly better clarity than the one to the left.  However, it will be significantly more valuable than that one still because of it’s color. Excellent Clarity:  This tanzanite gemstone has very good clarity: we can see into all areas of the gemstone and we catch a lot of sparkle.  The excellent clarity and color make it a high quality stone