spessartineSpessartine are orange garnets.  They are among the more valuable garnets.  Once only a collector’s stone, they are gaining popularity in unique jewelry peices.

The Most Valuable Spessartine

The most valuable spessartine has perfect clarity and a perfect cut, and most importantly a glowing orange color. A spessartine of this quality over 3 carats would be considered quite large and be very valuable.

Low Value: This spessartine is of low value because of its dull, brownish color.  It also has very poor clarity: we can see large cracks and imperfections inside the stone. Though it is rather large (about 2 carats), it is not very valuable Medium Value: This spessartine has very poor clarity.  Rather than a few large, noticable inclusions, it has several tiny inclusions that give it a milky, hazy appearance. Though its clarity is poor, it is still more valuable than the stone to the left because of its delicious orange color. High Value:  This is a very nice spessartine.  Its best features are its color and relative clarity.It has a deep bright orange color.  It does have some slight inclusions, but its clarity is much better than the previous two stones, making it worth much more. Highest Value:  Here is a spessartine that has it all.  Its color is a rich, glowing orange; it has perfect clarity AND it has a perfect cut.  See how well it sparkles and reflects light compared to the others?