Sapphire Size

How Size Affects the Value of Sapphire

Large sapphires (over 3 carats) are very rare. Among high quality sapphire, a stone with 3 times the carat weight of another may be worth 8 times the price. As with many precious gems, color and clarity come first, but if those two are high quality, then size makes a big difference.

Small: This is a small sapphire, not too uncommon to find in jewelry. This size sapphire (about 1/4 carat) is never far out of reach. Even the highest quality sapphire of this size would cost $50 to $200. Medium : Most sapphires that are the centerpeice of fine jewerly are between .5 ct and 1.5 carat. The highest quality 1.5 carat sapphire can cost between $700 and $3000. Huge: This sapphire is a once in a lifetime type of stone. It is almost 10 carats. High quality sapphires over 3 carats can cost tens of thousands of dollars.


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