Sapphire Color

How color affects the value of sapphire

The most valuable color for a blue sapphire is intense bright blue. This color is sometimes called “cornflower blue.” Shades that are greyish or too pale or too dark are not as valuable. Color is one of the most important determiners of a sapphire’s value.

Too Pale: These sapphires are a very pale color. They are mostly shades of white and grey. Sapphires this color are not very valuable. A bit Grey: This is a very beautiful sapphire but its color is more grey than ideal. The color is not saturated – it doesn’t “pop” like stronger colors do. A bit too Dark: This is the most common color of sapphire in fine jewelry. It is a very intense lovely color but it tends towards navy or midnight blue instead of the most ideal bright blue. Cornflower Blue: This is the best color for blue sapphire. Sapphires this color are very rare and, if they also have good clarity, are expensive, several thousand dollars per carat. Be careful – this color is also common among synthetic sapphires.


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