Ruby Color

The color of ruby and how it affects a ruby’s value

Rubies range from dark pink, to near blackish or browninsh red, to bright red, to orangish red. A ruby is always red. If it is any other color, it is called a sapphire. An excellent color can make the difference between an amazing ruby and an average ruby. The most valuable color of ruby is familiarly called, “pigeon blood red.” It is not the most glamorous name, but the color is one of the most heart stopping colors found in the gemstone world.

An illustration of how color affects the value of ruby.

Too Dark: This ruby is a very dark wine-like color. Rubies of this color are fairly common and less valuable Too Light: This ruby is almost too pink and pale to be called a ruby, but instead a pink sapphire (much less valuable than ruby) Too Pink: Here is an attractive, intense color. However this color is still a touch pinker than ideal for a ruby. Best Color: This ruby is bright, pure red. This is the most valuable and rare color of ruby.

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