Rubies are arguably the most precious and valuable of all colored gemstones. Rubies have been important in many cultures for thousands of years. Ruby is characterized by its vibrant shades of red, excellent luster (facets reflect light almost like a mirror), and hardness (it is difficult to scratch and therefore resilient). Very fine large gemstones of ruby are exceedingly rare.

6 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Ruby


    1. Color: The closer the color is to bright blood red, the more valuable it is. Less valuable rubies can be dark wine color, or pink. Learn more about how COLOR affects the value of ruby 
    2. Size: The more carats a ruby gemstone is, the more valuable it is. A 1 carat ruby with good color and clarity is already quite valubale. Rubies larger than this a rare and very expensive.Learn more about How SIZE affects the value of a Ruby 
    3. Clarity: Most natural rubies have some cloudiness or imperfections inside: very few are perfectly clear. Better quality rubies are transparent, not opaque. Learn more about how CLARITY affects the value of a Ruby
    4. Cut: The quality of a ruby’s cut determines how well it sparkles. Perfectly cut rubies are very valuable and hard to find. Learn more about how CUT affects the value of ruby 
    5. Treatments, Synthetics and Imitations: Almost all rubies are treated to improve their clarity and color. Heat treatment is standard and widely accepted. The treatement that the ruby receives can affect its value and quality.In addition, lab created rubies are widely available and are worth much less than natural rubies. Some dishonest sellers might try to sell you a fake ruby. Read here to learn about ruby treatments, synthetics and imitations and how to tell the difference.
    6. Meaning and Symbology: Rubies have been sacred to many cultures for centuries. Learn more about the meaning and symbology of ruby to see if it’s something you relate to.


The Most Valuable Ruby

The most valuable ruby is an intense, bright red, large in size (over 5 cts.), fairly clear and perfectly cut (faceted).

Here is a Summary of Rubies of Different Levels of Quality and Value: