Rubelite (Pink Tourmaline)

Pink tourmaline, also called rubelite, is one of the most valuable kinds of tourmaline.  The most important determiner of the value of a rubelite is its color.  The best rubelites are a strong, bright, glowing deep pink.  After color, the most important factor is its clarity.  Perfectly clear rubelite is hard to find, though, so slightly imperfect clarity won’t hinder the value very much.  The next most important factor is the size of the pink tourmaline.  Rubelites over 3 carats are quite rare and will have a premium on the per carat price.  Rubelites over 5 carats are even rarer and can cost thousands of dollars.

Low Value: This rubelite has a lower value because it is a dark, dull purplish color; its clarity is poor. A 1 carat rubelite like this could cost less than $100. Average Value:  The most valuable feature of this pink tourmaline gemstone is its color.  However, it has poor clarity and an average cut. High Value:  Here is a high quality rubelite.  Its qualities that make it valuable are very good clarity and very good cut.  Its color is nice, though it could be stronger. Highest Value:  Here is a pink tourmaline with very good clarity, strong beautiful pink color and a good cut.  Rubelites like this are hard to find and can be priced in the thousands.