The meaning and symbology of peridot is one of friendliness, purity and simplicity.  It is an excellent stone for protection, especially if worn around the neck to protect from negative energy.  It is also perfect for cleansing of negative emotions, such as jealosy or a wounded ego.  Wearing peridot gemstones can help you stay cleansed and protected, and also help you reach a higher level of insight and consciusness.

Folklore and Mythology of Peridot

Peridot was one of the stones worn in the breastplate of the High Priest Aaron, one of the 12 stones that protected him from battle.  It has been used traditionally in the ancient Incan civilization to give clear-mindedness.  Native Hawaians have a legend that peridot is the tears of their goddess, Pele. Napoleon gave a Peridot ring to Josephine as a testament to his undying love.  Ancient Greeks called peridot “evening emerald” because its color bacame a deeper green at night.  Peridot was sacred in ancient Egypt: High priests made cups out of large specimens of peridot from which they drank their ceremonial “soma.”  The peridot was said to bring wisdom and enlightenment.

Healing Properties of Peridot

Peridot has been used traditionally to heal the heart, spleen, lungs and digestional tract.  It has been successful in healing and releiving pain from stomach ulcers.  During birth it is also helpful in stimulating contractions. Peridot is useful in regulating all physical cycles.