Peridot Color

How Color Affects the Value of Peridot

The color of a peridot is perhaps the most important factor for determining its quality (along with clarity).  There are a few special gemstones, and peridot is among them, whose identity is always associated with an exact shade of a color.  Just like emeralds are associated with their special green, so are peridots associated with their own special green.  It is bright and lively and fresh.

Too Pale: These peridot are a very pale shade of green.  Because the color is so low in saturation, these peridot will not be expensive Too Dark: This is a very nice peridot, except for one thing.  It’s color is a little too dark. To Dull:  This peridot is nearly perfect.  It does have a nice, saturated color.  The one thing keeping it from being top value is that it’s particular green is more of an olive and is not the lime green peridot is famous for. Perfect:  This is what a vergood lime green colored peridot looks like.