Peridot Clarity

How Clarity Affects the Value of Peridot

The clarity of a peridot is one of the most important determinants of its value.  Peridots often contain inclusions, a gemological term for internal “imperfections”.  These can be internal cracks or bits of other minerals inside.  Peridots often have dark black spots and internal cracks or whisps.  The fewer of these, the better the clarity of the gem, and therefore, the more valuable it can be.  Good clarity means that we can see all of the sparkle that a stone has to offer.

low quality peridot beads

low quality peridot from India

nice color peridot with inclusions

peridot with a nice step cut

Poor Clarity: These peridot beads are of poor clarity.  (Most beads are).  In these small beads, we can see a dark inclusion and a lot of internal fractures. Poor Clarity: The 7 small peridots here have a dullness to them that is due to poor clarity.  Several small inclusions give them a hazy look that keeps us from perceiving any sparkle. Medium Clarity:  This is a much nicer peridot than the previous one.  It is clear enough to be “gem quality”. The only obstruction to its clarity is a whispy inclusion on the lower right side. Perfect Clarity:  Perfect clear peridot.  There is no inclusion visible anywhere.