Peridot is the gem variety of olivine.  It is not exceptionally rare, but large peices with intense color can command high prices.  Peridot’s most striking feature is its particular, bright shade of green.  Inclusions are also common in peridot, making clear peices more valuable.

The Most Valuable Peridot

The most valuable peridot has a bright, glowing lime green color, good clarity, excellent cut and large size (over 3 carats).

low quality peridot beads

low quality peridot

dark peridot

peridot with very nice color

Lowest Value: These peridot beads are of poor clarity (heavily included), weak unattractive color, small size, and poor polish.  Peridot beads are always made using relatively poor quality peridot.  One of these beads might cost about 1$ Low Value: The peridot in this pendant are more valuable than the previous beads because of their more intense color and improved clarity. However, the clarity is still poor (the gemstones are “hazy”) and the color is an unattractive dull green.  In addition, they are small and poorly faceted.  A pendant like this can be found for under $30. Medium Value:  This is a nice peice of peridot.  The clarity is good and the cut is excellent.  It is also of a fairly large size (over 3 cts.).  The main detractor from its value is its color: it’s too dark. Highest Value:  This is the most valuable peridot.  It is a bright glowing lime green.  The cut is good and the clarity is also good.  It is over 3 carats.  A peridot like this can cost several hundred dollars.
This peridot is a very nice lime green color.  However, its value is diminished because of the poor cut (we can see through it) and the inclusions (whispy crystaline “imperfections”)
These peridot are of very poor quality.  The color is dull and dark; the cuts are poor (they do not sparkle), the clarity is poor (stones are murky) and they are small.  Buy this if it appeals to you, but do not spend much (no more than $20)
This peridot is nicely square (or princess) cut.  However, the color of the stone is too dark to allow it to be valuable.
This is a very nice emerals cut peridot.  The clarity is excellent and the cut is excellent.  The color is slightly weaker than the ideal “glowing lime green”… otherwise it would be perfect.
low quality peridot This is the poorest quality peridot.  For that reason, it has been made into beads and not faceted.  The color is weak, the clarity is poor, the beads are uneven, and they are small.
Here is a very good peridot. It is perfectly cut  (trilliant shape).  It is also perfectly clear. However, the color is too dark and dull: missing the characteristic lime green.


This peridot is perfect.  It is the perfect glowing lime green color, good cut and good clarity.  If you find a peridot that looks like this, buy it.