Pearl Symbology

Pearls are one of the most important gemstones to humans and have been for thousands of years.  They are special because they are the only precious gemstones that is created by an animal (mullosk).  They are teasures of the sea: the result of years of slow adding of layers. Pearls represent innocence and purity.  They can provide the one who wears them with clear vision and wisdom.  Pearls can be used to get closer to the truth and enhance personal integrity.

Folklore and Mythology of Pearl

The ancient Greeks beleived that pearls were created when oysters rose up from the ocean and opened their shells to receive drops of heavenly dew.  In ancient China, it was beleived that Dragons were the guardians of pearls and that a pearl was a symbol of wisdom. The dragon guarded the pearl in his teeth and therefore, only by slaying him could a man retrieve a pearl. Some eastern cultures have associated the pearl with the moon. European painters often used pearls as symbols of feminine beauty.

Healing Properties of Pearl

Pearls have been used to provide ease during childbirth and to increase fertility.  Pearls can also be used to treat digestive disorders and other maladies of soft organs in the body.