Opal Meaning and Symbology

Wearing opal gives the effect of enhancing one’s innate characteristics: leading to enhanced personal creativity and true spontaneous action. It aids the memory and provides faithfulness in realtionships. It is the perfect gemstone to wear in trying to become your best and to be true to yourself. The “fire” in opal represents a soft inner glow.

Folklore and Mythology of Opal

It has been believed that an opal could make its wearer invisible if intention was particularly directed. There is an ancient legend that the storm god was jealous of the colorful beauty of the rainbow god and through a lightening bolt at him. This caused parts of the rainbow god to dissipate down to earth where they were embodied in opal. Opal has been used traditionally by shamans of both North America and Australia in ceremonies to aid with “visions” and “dreams”

Opals are unique among gemstones because they are not crystals. Rather, they are a hardened silica gel and they always contain a small amount of water. This means that its energetic properties are unusual and wearing one can feel different from the way other gemstones feel.


Healing Properties of Opal

Opal has many healing effects: reduces fever and lessen infectiopns in the body; regulates and purifies the blood stream and the kidneys; helps cure Parkinson’s disease and provides relief after childbirth.

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