Moonstone is a type of feldspar. It is unique because of the rainbow colors that can be seen playing inside it.

The Most Valuable Moonstone

The most valuable moonstone has strong blue or rainbow colors glowing inside it. It is free of inclusions (impurities or internal cracks), perfeclty polished and large (over 5 carats).


Low Value: This moonstone is heavily included and with very little color. Medium Value: This is a lovely moonstone. It has an uninterrupted colorful glowing sheen. Moonstones like this are what you typically find in nicer jewelry. It’s price will still be under $100, though. Med-High Value: These peach moonstones are becoming popular. Nice pieces command prices similar to the nicest blue moonstone. (e.g. a gem over 7 carats of this quality could cost around $100) Highest Value: This moonstone shows very vibrant blue color. The color is conitnuous: there are no inclusions. It is also very large at 8 carats. A fine gem like this can cost over $100.