Carved Malachite

Malachite Jewelry

malachite beads A carved Malachite Bead that Shows its wear..

This single malachite bead has been carved very intricately and well. Unfortunately, time and wear have taken their toll, as seen in the rough broken edges of the carving. This bead illustrates the perils that come with a soft gem material like malachite, that is easily scratched.


malachite beads Precious Malachite Vase

Malachite also comes in very large peices sometimes, and from them, exceptional carvings can be made. This vase is carved from one solid peice of malachite and is several hundred years old. It sold at a Christies auction for $37,000.


malachite beads Malachite Cameo

This is an antique carving on a malachite gemstone, set in gold and made into a brooch. It sold at a Christies auction house for $12,000.

malachite beads Malachite Carving

When a peice of malachite is carved in three dimensions, with exceptional fine detailing (as in the case of this owl stick pin), it commands a price far beyond the norm for the malachite gem itself.