Malachite is an opaque bright green gemstone that is actually an ore of copper and is found wherever copper is mined. Malachite is usually crossed with bands of different shade of green, ranging from bright sea foam to the characteristic emerald green, to very dark blackish green.

The beauty of malachite lies in its unusual, eye soothing soft deep green color, and the bands of color in the stone can be expressed artistically in the stone’s cutting. A skilled artisan can incorporate the malachite’s color bands into the whole design of a jewelry piece.

It has been used as an ornamental material by people for thousands of years, from the Far East to Ancient Greece. Malachite has been carved into statues, beads and jewelry.

6 Things to Learn About Shopping for Malachite


    1. Malachite Jewelry: If you want to wear malachite in jewelry, there are several things to keep in mind when shopping. To make sure you get a good deal and buy something that will last, learn how to shop for malachite jewelry
    2. Malachite Beads: Malachite is a very popular material for beads: it is a low cost natural stone with plenty of eye-popping color and interesting patterns. Information on how to shop for malachite beads
    3. Malachite Carvings: One of the ways that humans have chosen to celebrate and utilise malachite is by carving it. Learn more about carved malachite
    4. Malachite Value: Malachite is, in general, not an expensive gemstone, comparatively. However, when shopping for malachite it is a good idea to keep in mind a few factors that influence which pieces should be more valuable. Learn more about malachite value
    5. Malachite Meaning and Symbology: Some people use or wear malachite for symbolic, metaphysical or healing purposes. Read here to learn about malachite meaning and symbology…
    6. Malachite Gemology: Interesting information for the geology enthusiast. Learn more about malachite gemology.