Kunzite Value

How to Shop for Kunzite

The most valuable kunzite has a very strong, saturated bright pink color, perfect sparkling cut with no windows, excellent clarity and is over 20 carat.

polished kunzite

kunzite cabochon

average kunzite gemstone

perfect trillion kunzite

Lowest Value: This is a polished and tumbled “nugget” of kunzite.  It’s color is not special, it has very poor clarity and it has not been cut or crafted.  The only thing about it that may make it special for a collection is its very substantial size. Moderate Value: This kunzite cabochon is cut and polished nicely – though the dome is so high that jewelry setting may be awkward.  The color is fair and the clarity is imperfect -many inclusions are visible from the top of the stone.  Inclusions are not necessarily unattractive, but they do affect value negatively. High Value:  This is what most of the kunzite you see in fine jewelry looks like.  It’s color is a definite pink, though somewhat pale.  The clarity is good but when we look close we can see a few white whisps inside, characteristic of kunzite.  The cut is also good, but nothing exceptional. Highest Value:  Here is a kunzite you don’t see very often.  What makes this kunzite exceptional is its color: it is extremely saturated.  The cut is also excellent (See how much it sparkles!) It is also quite large.  A kunzite like this will probably cost in the thousands.