Iolite Value


The value of an iolite gemstone is determined by its color, clarity, size and cut.  The most valuable iolite gems are brilliant, saturated blue-violet, good clarity, at least 3 carats and cut to reflect the maximum light.

Perfect: A percect iolite has a saturated pleasant blue, perfect clarity and perfect cut. Bad cut: This iolite is cut too shallow and has a huge window in the middle in which there is no sparkle or color.  The shape is “fancy” but also somewhat unusual and awkward. Beads: These are small, low grade iolite gems that were chosen for beads rather than cut gems.  As far as beads go, though, these are fairly nice.  When you loo closely, you can see the inclusions in the stones.  These beads also illustrate the variation in colors of iolite. Cabochon:   This iolite is very included – the clarity is probably too poor to make it worthwhile to facet.