Heliodor Value

The most valuable heliodor has a bright, intensely saturated golden color, a perfect cut and is over 5 carats.  The factor that makes the most difference in the value of a heliodor gemstone is its color.

Perfect Heliodor: This is a heliodor gemstone that dreams are made of.  The color is supurb, the cut is perfect, the clarity is perfect. Excellent Color: This heliodor is very nicely cut and the color is excellent – just not as intense as the one to the left. Average:   This is what you typically see when shopping for heliodor gems.  The cut and clarity are both good, but the color is weaker – just the difference in color can make it 1/10th as valuable as the first. Weak Color:  Here is a heliodor gemstone that is pretty un-spectacular.  The difference in color may seem subtle, but it makes all the difference.