Gemstone Meanings and Symbology

Gemstones and jewelry have been sacred and meaningful to mankind since its beginning. Even early cavemen picked up interesting stones and wore them as ornaments. There is something that these precious stones provide us with and for that reason we are intensely attracted to them.

Most gemstones are very old (sometimes millions or billions of years old), and have endured some kind of miraculous traumatic force of nature that was necessary to create them. For this reason, they are very powerful and when we wear them, we can be near that power. Learning more about gemstone symbology and meanings can enhance our lives.

Most gemstones are crystaline structures. Crystals are mysterious and beautiful things: naturally formed geometric bodies with interesting optical properties. Each kind of crystal is a bit different in structure and composition. These differences make them unique both in how they appear and in how humans can use their energies.

Here are some general ways in which human beings have traditionally used gemstones symbology in their lives:


Many cultures throughout history have associated particular gemstones with certain months of the calendar. In the modern western world, we have adopted a belief that the stone that correlates with the month of our birth is symbolic or meaningful in our lives. People often seek jewelry made of this stone to wear for this reason.

Month Modern Birthstone
January garnet
February amethyst
March aquamarine
April diamond
May emerald
June pearl , moonstone
July ruby
August peridot
September sapphire
October opal , tourmaline
November topaz , citrine
December turquoise , blue topaz, zircon

In India, the tradition is even stronger and more complex. An astrological chart or reading is usually done to a person either when they are a baby or at some other point in their lives. Along with this chart, 2 to 4 important gemstones are identified as being beneficial for the person’s health. They are then encouraged to wear these stones in such a way that they touch the person’s skin.

Astrological Sun Sign Ruling Planet Birthstone
Aquarius Saturn Blue Sapphire
Pisces Jupiter Yellow Sapphire
Aries Mars Coral
Taurus Venus Diamond
Gemini Mercury Emerald
Cancer Moon Pearl
Leo Sun Ruby
Virgo Mercury Emerald
Libra Venus Diamond
Scorpio Mars Coral
Sagitarius Jupiter Yellow Sapphire
Capricorn Saturn Blue Sapphire


Another ancient use of gemstone symbology that has always beenspecial to humans is in giving them as honoring gifts. Amulets have been given as gifts between people for thousands of years. In some cultures it was beleived that a gemstone amulet would only have protective powers if freely given by someone else and not if acquired any other way. Giving gemstone necklaces to people as gifts can be very powerful especially if the gemstone meanings are taken into account.

Gemstones have been given as symbolic signs of loyalty, to rulers of foreign lands for example. Perhaps most prolific is the giving of precious stones as a sign of love: a tradition we embody today in the form of engagement rings, womens custom wedding rings Brisbane, and other important gifted jewelry.

Abundance and High Power

Because of the preciousness, beauty and power of gemstones, they have always been symbols of luxury, wealth, royalty and highest honor. Crowns of rulers from every culture on the planet have always contained precious gemstones. Staffs held by rulers to symbolize their power are traditionally topped with gemstones as well.

The idea of heaven includes gemstones in some of it’s descriptions (e.g. “the pearly gates”) and important religious icons such as the gates of Jeruselem or the Holy Breastplate also contain precious gems. All of these stories in all of these different cultures of humans show that gemstone symbology is important and powerful.


Gemstones are very effective in giving their wearers protection. This is true energetically, historically and folklorically. Usually a gemstone is given an enchantment, spell or other form of strong intention and then worn around the neck as an amulet. An example of this is the evenstar necklace given in the Lord of the Rings.

Channeling Energy:

All gemstones, but especially crystal gemstones have special energetic properties. Every physiscist knows this as crystals are used in labs all the time. Ancient Shamans and healers know this too and have used the energetic properties of crystals to intensify prayer, magic or healing. Those of us who are not physicists or shamans but who wear our gemstones as decoration have an opportunity to use the energetic properties of the crystals as well. We can do this by putting our positive energy and intentions in the gemstones we wear and be prepared for the strong and balanced energy they give back to us.

Crystals are also used successfully to balance harmful energetic or electromagnetic waves, such as around a nuclear plant, computer, or other strong current.


Gemstones are used and have been used for millenia in various ways to heal the body. Ancient cultures have attributed specific healing powers to a myriad of specific gemstones for every kind of malady from poisoning, to heart failure, insanity to drunkenness. Learn about the symbology and meanings of the individual healing properties of each stone on this website are detailed in their symbology sections.

Some alternative healers use crystals to balance the energy of the whole body (or the energetic body) of a person with the idea that once the energy is balanced again, the imbalance in the body will also be cured.

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