Garnet Size

How the size of  Garnet Affects its Value

Garnets under 1 carat in size are pretty common.  Garnets in sizes larger than that, especially fine quality garnets can be quite rare.  Garnets over 3 carats are very rare and the prices of these will be exponentially higher than those less than 1 carat in size. Garnets over 10 carats are almost unheard of.

Small: The three garnets in this ring are very small, (about 1/4 carat).  Red garnets of this size are fairly common and are available in jewelry at affordable prices ($20 to $60). Medium: Garnets are common in fine jewelry in sizes from 1 to 4 carats.  In this size range, size is not nearly as important as color and clarity in determining value.  High quality garnets of this size can cost a few hundred dollars. Very Large:  The garnet in this ring is 12 carats.  This is a very rare, exceptionally large garnet (though it is otherwise of average quality).  A garnet this size can be worth over a thousand dollars.