Garnet Cut

How the cut of a Garnet Affects its Value

Once a garnet is determined to have a high grade of clarity and good color, you can then analyze its cut.  An average colored garnet with poor clarity will almost never have an excellent cut because if those factors are not present, the resulting garnet gemstone will not obtain a very high price.  However, among high quality garnets, the cut can make the difference between a “nice” gemstone and an exquisite gemstone.

Fish Eye: You can tell that this garnet gemstone is badly cut because we can “see through it”.  This is called a fish eye cut.  The gemstone is not as sparkly as it could be because of this. Disproportioned: This garnet has more sparkle to it, however the cut is disproportioned.  The top flat facet that lets you see into the stone (called the “table”) is very small. Very Nice: This garnet is pretty much perfectly cut.  Compare it to the others and notice how much more it sparkles.  This is what to look for when shopping for garnets.