Engagement Ring Myths

Engagement Ring myths:

  • An engagement ring is by definition a diamond ring
    No, an engagement ring can feature any stone that’s special. The prevalence of diamond engagement rings is a phenomena of the last century. Hundreds of years ago, engagement rings were made of any precious stone (e.g. emerald, sapphire, ruby or pearl)
  • Diamond engagement rings are really expensive
    Not necessarily.
    You can find diamond solitaire engagement rings for as little as $300.
  • Princess cut or emerald cut diamonds are more expensive than round cuts.
    The main determinants of a diamond ring’s price are size and grade (how colorless and clear it is) and how well it is cut, not the shape its cut in.
  • Bigger is always better
    Not for everyone. Some women would prefer a smaller diamond (under 1 carat) that sparkles intensely over a 1.5 carat or 2 carat diamond that is dull and lifeless (see diamonds to learn how cut and clarity affect sparkle)
  • Knowing her ring size is one of the most important requisites in choosing a ring
    Nah… rings can be resized easily, sometimes in less than an hour for less than $20 at the jeweler around the corner. Yes it might be extra perfect if when you slip it on her finger it fits perfectly, but most likely she’ll be too dazzled by the sparkle and rush of emotion to notice or care.
    P.S. If you still want to make sure it’s the right size, try on one of her rings that she wears on her ring finger on one of your fingers. Put a mark on your finger at exactly the place where the ring fits and take your hand into any jewelry shop and ask them to tell you what ring size it is.

Now you know what traps to avoid, you can read more about how much to spend on an engagement ring or see an analysis of different engagement ring stores.