Emerald Color

How Color Affects the Value of Emerald

The color of an emerald is its most important determiner of value. The best color of an emerald is “emerald green.” There is nothing else in the world that quite has this color. It is not too yellow and not too blue; it is not pale or dark, but intense and bright. A quality emerald looks like it’s glowing. Typically, the finest colored emeralds come from Columbia.

An illustration of how color affects the value of emerald. Note: Color is the most important factor determining the value of an emerald.

Too Dark: This emerald is very dark green. It does not have the signature emerald green color: this is a color common in other, less valuable stones. Since we buy emerald for its color, we don’t want it to have one like this. Too Yellow: This color of emerald is lovely and intense, though a little too yellow to have the highest value. Too Blue and Pale: This color is not a true “emerald green” either. It is too blue. The color is also rather pale. Best Color: This is emerald green. This stone has an intense glowing color that is a shade different from any other green gemstone. This color emerald is the most valuable.


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