Diamond Meaning and Symbology

Diamond is the king of gemstones. It is symboloized by the sun in astronomy: a testament to its powerful self sustaining energy, Diamond is a symbol of abundance and can help people to accumulate wealth.

Diamond Folklore and Mythology

In Ancient times, talismans were mad eof diamond to ward off cowardice. It was thought to enhance invulnerability. Traditionally, it was beleived that the diamond’s powers only work when given freely from one person to another. It was thought to ensure love and harmony and dispel anger. It was one of the 12 stones used in the breast plate of the High Priest Aaron to protect him from injury. Diamond is used traditionally in modern times as the focus stone of engagement rings.

Healing Properties of Diamond

Diamond has been used to counteract poison, to aid the metabolism and improve eye sight.

The main use of diamond in healing is in pairing it with other stones to intensify their energies.