Citrine Size

How the Size of a Citrine Affects its Value

All else being equal, the bigger the citrine, the more valuable it is.  Very small citrines (under 1 ct.) of average cut, clarity and color are extremely affordable (you can find them sometimes for around $10).  Very large citrine gemstones (over 10ct.) are also relatively available, though much harder to find than the small ones.  A simple citrine ring with a very large stone can cost between $200 and $800, depending on where you get it.


Average, Small: The citrine gemstone in this ring is about 1.5 cts.  This is not at all big compared to what else is out there.  A citrine of average cut and color (like this one) of this size can be had for under $20. Medium: The citrine in this ring is about 6 carats.  This size is still not particularly rare, but if the stone also has an excellent color and cut, it can be quite valuable. Large:  This citrine is 10 carats.  It’s size is big enough to make it remarkable.  Though, as with all citrines, the color will influence it’s value exponentially.  A stone like this can be found in simple jewelry in the $400 range. Huge:  The citrine gem pictured here is 30 carats.  Stones this size are still not so rare that they can only belong in museums.  Citrines this size of good color will be made into fine jewelry in the several $1000’s range.