Citrine Cut

How Cut Affects the Value of Citrine

The price and value of citrine is also affected by the quality of its cut.  A citrine gemstone with an excellent cut reflects the maximum amount of light; all facets meet perfectly at a single point and are perfectly polished.  Basically, a well cut citrine sparkles more than a poorly cut citrine of the same clarity. Because large quantities of citrine are available, it should not be difficult to get a perfectly cut citrine.

Here are some illustrations of how the quality of cut affects the value of citrine.

Poorly Cut: In this citrine, the light escapes through the bottom of the stone rather than sparling back at you.  This is called a “fish eye”.  It is the result of cutting at the wrong angle. Mediocre Cut: This citrine is cut better than the first, however, some light still escapes through the bottom.  In addition, some facets overlap: meeting at a line instead of a point. Perfect Cut:  This is what a perfectly cut citrine looks like.  All of the light is reflected back to the eyes in a dazzling sparkle.  All the facets are even. Fancy Cut:  Citrine is one of the few gemstones that is frequently available in unusual, artistic cuts.  This one has concave facets.  A well done fancy cut can make the citrine worth even more.