Citrine Color

How Color Affects the Value of Citrine

Citrine, like most gemstones is most valuable when its color is intense and beautiful.  The stronger a citrine’s color, the more valuable it is.  In addition to this, certain colors of citrine are rarer than others. The rarer the color, the more valuable the citrine gemstone.  In citrine, the most comon and least valuable color is pale yellow and the rarest and most valuable is a deep dark orange.  Here are some photos of the differences in color in citrine:

An illustration of how color affects the value of citrine. Note: there are other factors that effect the value of citrine as well.

Too Light: This citrine is very pale – you can hardly see any color.  A shade paler and it could no longer be called citrine, but rock quartz. Weak Color: This color of citrine is not rare, nor very strong.  It has recently been named “Lemon Citrine”, and while it is becoming popular in jewelry, it should not be expensive. Typical:  Most citrine gemstones used in fine jewelry will have a color like this: a light yellowish orange. Best Color:  These beads are of the most desirable color for citrine.  This dark burnt orange is both rare and intense.