Treatments and Fakes

Aventurine Treatments

Because aventurine is not an expensive material, it is not widely imitated and is not synthesized. However, it was considered more precious in earlier times. This is why, unlike many gem materials, we should be more suspicious of finding fake aventurine in antique pieces than in modern day pieces. Up until about 100 years ago, aventurines were simulated by glass.

Aventurine is, however porous, and easily absorbs dyestuffs. This is not common because natural aventurine with good color is so affordable. But when it is you can often spot it if a stone is too homogenous in color, plus a seller will usually disclose the treatment (again, not worth lying over)

Glass Imitation: This is an antique piece – still valuable, but only because it is antique. Dyed: Can you see the difference? Natural: This aventurine is natural Natural: Lovely, natural green aventurine