Aventurine Clarity

How Clarity Affects the Value of Aventurine

Clarity is a milder point in determining the value of an aventurine. A good aventurine will have imperfect clarity do to attractive green inclusions, but will still retain a kind of “glow” around the edges. An aventurine stone with too poor clarity will look lifeless.

Opaque: These green aventurine beads have fairly poor clarity – we can’t see through them, they don’t glow. Translucent: This is the typical clarity for aventurine. A piece like this is totally acceptable -see how its edges have a kind of glow? As Clear as it gets: These aventurine beads have exceptionally good clarity. However, they are missing some color because of it. The right inclusions: This aventurine gemstone has very good clarity coupled with fine green mica inclusions that enhance its value.