Aventurine Carving


How Shaping and Carving Affects the Value of Aventurine

Aventurine is never expensive, so the best way to make it into something valuable is to craft it beautifully and expertly. How well a piece of aventurine is carved can make all the difference in the price.

Poor Carving: These beads are not round, nor uniform. Their ends are chipping off and many stones have fractures and rough spots. Okay Carving: These aventurine beads reflect a decent cutting job. Though the spheres are not perfect, they are much better than the previous ones. Fancy Carving: This beads are starting to have value added to them because of their carving. Though still not very expensive (under $50/strand), they are something to look at. High-End Carving: This is a perfect carving from a high end famous designer. This piece with a brand name on it goes for several hundred dollars.