Aquamarine Symbology

Aquamarine is a “stone of courage.”  It helps people to learn quickly and to use knowledge in “always being prepared.”  The energy of aquamarine is both flowing and structured.  It cna protect against polutants.  Aquamarine helps in achieving higher levels of consciousness and in the ability to understand complexities.  It brings order, tolerance and moderation.

Folklore and Mythology of Aquamarine

Aquamarine was traditionally worn by sailors to protect them from the water and against storms.  Aquamarine has also been used to protect against gossip.  In medieval Europe, aquamarine was beleived to re-awaken love in a marriage and to make soldiers invincible in battle.  The Greeks beleived that aquamarine would absorb the energy of young love and was considered the best gift for a groom to give his bride after consumnating their marriage. It was popular among European royalty to wear aquamarine as an antidote to poison.  Ancient Romans used Aquamarine in treating ailments of the stomach, liver and throat.

Healing Properties of Aquamarine

Aquamarine is beneficial in the treatment of swollen glands.  It can also be used to strengthen glands, teeth and bone structure.  Aquamarine is especially excellent in treating the eyes.