Aquamarine Color

How the Color of Aquamarine Affects its Value

Color is one of the most important factors in determining the value of an aquamarine.  The ideal color of aquamarine is a strong “sky” blue.  Aquamarine naturally has a characteristic called pleochroism, which gives it a 2-color appearance.  Usually the colors are in the blue to green range.  The most common (and therefore least valuable) color of aquamarine is a very light pale blue.

Low Value: This aquamarine is nearly colorless.  We only get a hint of blue near the edges.  It is almost so colorless it should be called “white beryl” instead.  This is the least valuable color of aquamarine. Med-Low Value:  The aquamarine pictured here has a very pale blue color.  Such a pale color will make it less valuable than if its color were stronger. Medium Value:  This aquamarine has a lovely color, though it is slightly pale and unusually green.  A greenish aquamarine like this one can be interesting, but generally not as valuable as the brightest blue Highest Value:  This is the ideal color of aquamarine: bright, electric sky blue.  Aquamarine gemstones of this color are hard to find and command top prices.