Amethyst Uniqueness

When buying an amethyst, you should look for special patterns in the color bands or interesting inclusions that you think are special.  These might not technically add to the price of the amethyst, but they might make the stone more special or interesting for you.  Fine custom jewelers often appreciate the natural idiosyncrities of amethyst and charge higher prices for peices they think are unique.

amethyst with unusual cut

amethyst with fancy cut

amethyst with interesting inclusions

amethyst with color bands

Cut: This amethyst has an unusual cut.  It does not necessarily make it worth more, but it can make it more desirable to the right person. Cut and Inclusions: This amethyst has a fancy cut and prominent characteristic inclusions. Inclusions:  This is a very included amethyst: it’s poor clarity detracts significantly from its value.  However, since these inclusions make it look almost opalesque, they add interest and attractiveness. Color Bands:  A distinctive trait of amethyst: this stone has bands of different shades of purple.  This can make the gemstone more interesting, but does not make it significantly more expensive.