Amethyst Color

The most valuable color of amethyst (according to current trend) is a vivid intense purple.  Some especially rare and valuable amethysts contain red flashes.  A paler, lavender shade of purple called “rose de france” was  popular and valuable a few decades ago.  Amethyst also comes in nearly every shade of purple, from light to dark. In amethyst, color often occors in bands or waves.  This is very characteristic and can be used to identify amethyst out of other purple stones.

An illustration of how color affects the value of amethyst.

poor quality rose de France amethyst

amethyst with an okay cut

amethyst trillion cut

amethyst with red flashes

Worst Color: This amethyst is so pale it is almost colorless quartz.  Amethyst of this color is not rare, nor very attractive.  It is the least valuable color. Typical Color: This is a very common color for amethyst: light purple.  People will choose this color as a matter of taste, not because it is especially valuable or rare. Best Color: This amethyst has an intense deep purple color.  This is the ideal color for amethyst. Rare Color:  Here we see an amethyst with red flashes: an attractive color phenomenon only found in a few amethysts. It is very valuable and hard to find.