About Us

Shop Gemstones is a directory of gemstone information, and a curated gemstone collection.  We are here for collectors and independent jewelry designers who want to understand more deeply about gemstones.  We also offer a hands on experience of them.

Why was Shop Gemstones created?

We love gemstones and everything about them. We want to talk about them and share their beauty with the world.

Practical advice that people can actually use

We have been shopping for gemstones all over the world and we know how hard and overwhelming it can be.

It is our commitment to make all the information very practical and illustrated with photos to give advice you can use right away when making your buying decisions.

Easy to understand gemstone information

It is hard to understand what “clarity” means or what exactly “cut” refers to (aren’t all gemstones cut?) without seeing pictures as examples.  We have thousands of pictures we have collected over the years to show you what we mean.

Contact Us

Do you have questions or comments, or new ideas for us? Email them to us at info@shopgemstones.com