A Box of Gemstones delivered

  • Do you ever read about a gemstone and wonder what it’s like in person?
  • Do you love gems but there are so many different kinds and you don’t know where to begin?
  • Do you love being dazzled and enchanted by stones you’ve never heard of before?
  • Are you an experienced jewelry maker who wishes she could feel and see her stones before she buys them?

We are putting our gemstone collection in circulation, and you can participate

A display in a room - Product design

A box will arrive to you every month with your very own private gem show experience. You’ll have an assortment of all natural, earth mined precious and semi-precious gemstones to sort through, learn from and choose from.

If you decide one, or many, are meant for you, you can keep them and send back the rest. You will just buy what you like. The box contains your shipping label back to us.

Get beautiful gemstones at prices you can afford

If you are a jewelry maker who loves using beautiful stones in your pieces, it can be tricky to find them at a price you can afford and sell your pieces profitably… 

There are lots of sellers online – but are the stones what they claim to be? Are they sold by an accredited gemologist who knows what to look for? Have the photos been color edited?  Do you get the exact stone shown in the pic? Is it the size you thought it would be? 

Ideally, you could get your stones whenever you needed them at a gem show- when there is a huge selection and you can see them with your own eyes, turn them around, feel their weight and get to know them before you commit…  But good gem shows are usually only once per year, and sometimes far away.

Monthly gemstone box, tailored to your preferences

For you, the gemstone monthly box exists. You get a box once a month to your doorstep with a huge, glorious selection of gemstones, selected according to your criteria. 

The people behind the gemstone box are gemologists who test and verify every stone you get and disclose every treatment.  We also write up a description of the gemstone, in case you are not familiar with it, on a beautiful card that you can also use as a marketing material for your customers. 

Made by jewerly designers

We are also jewelry designers and makers ourselves, sensitive to trends and aware of what makes a stone good for setting – no vulnerable cracks, flat backed cabochons, etc.

We are able to buy stones in large parcels, which means we save 60%-75% off the price of buying a few at a time.  We pass this savings along to our members. 

Every member contributes $37 per month to receive the curated selections that suit their taste and jewelry line, and gemological testing. 100% of your subscription fee can be used toward the purchase of gemstones in your box. 

You have 10 days to keep your stones – play with them, mix and match and make your selection.  This length of time allows you to show them to your customers, and solicit custom orders with those stones before you even commit to buy them!  You can also create impressive images to use on social media with $300-500 worth of gemstones that you did not actually have to buy.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, let us know.